Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Paddy's Day

Exhausted, I placed my head on my arms on the counter top and tried to monitor the dish doing activities till everyone went to bed. The buzzing of my little ones that surrounded me like bees to a hive, felt like the whirring of so many little wings and an occasional annoying sting.  "Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day!  I love that day!  Do you know what my favorite part is?  I  love when we wake up and find little leprechaun footprints that lead us to a treasure!"

"Um, honey, I don't think the leprechauns come every year."

"They don't?"

How can I explain a cash shortage that has Briz and I on a minuscule cash leash, without room for a lunch out, let alone new gifts from leprechauns?   They prepare for bed, certain that either the leprechauns or I will come through for them.  The kitchen is in shambles, I have a fever, yet through it all, I really love my little ones.  "Go call a friend each for breakfast."  I tell them.  "Little Mother, you are off track, I promised you a party.  Call your friends.  You deserve to celebrate the day, just like those at school."

Briz helps me whip the kitchen in shape.  I scour the basement for treasures, for items to use for decoration.  I pull up the sewing machine and begin to sew some scarves from some leftover fabric I found in the rag bag.  In breaks, I mix the cinnamon buns, and make other preparations... 7:45 will come too soon.  The witching hour strikes before Briz and I hit the pillows.

A.M. Six little girls all in green finery shyly surround the table.  They look suspiciously at the green spinach eggs, devour the green frosted buns, try the "Irish Creme" and the "Irish Smoothie" (spinach and fruit).

They find the leprechaun treasure on the table, divide it up and come to buy scarves, packs of gum, baby barbies, fancy soaps, and candy from my "store".  I take Ladybug to school.  "It's going to be a great day!"  she exclaims.  O.K.  I think.  Maybe it was worth it.

After a 2 hour presidency meeting, Little Mother's guests arrived. 

They formed a leprechaun team and roamed the neighborhood doing good deeds, leaving shamrocks wherever they had been.

At their return, they dined on embellished grilled cheese sandwiches, leftover green buns and hot cocoa with green mint cream.

They found leprechaun treasure, then made woodland pens.

They tried their hands at creating a rainbow.  It was beautiful.

After making a bit of Irish music, we played a few games before it was time to pick up the other girls from school and head to a meeting for Ladybug's field trip.

Dinner tonight was the traditional Corned Beef and Cabbage, Irish Soda Bread and Bright Green Mexican Lime sodas.  Briz and Ladybug fight over who gets to take the leftovers to lunch.  They are all heading to bed now.  Sunshine didn't finish her dishes.  My feet don't want to move.  Do I leave the mess till tomorrow for her or do I clean it up so I start the day off better myself?

Briz takes a turn about the neighborhood with me.  We hold hands.  We wave at neighbors.  We discuss plans that are best without listening ears.  The air is cool on my fevered forehead.  I breathe.  We return.  My day, for all intents and purposes is over.  It is lost to productivity on my part.  I wonder, do I do right to invest so much into people?   Perhaps I should withdraw for awhile and get my house in order.   I stare at the rainbow, standing as a last witness to the efforts of my day.  My answer comes immediately.  People.  Relationships.  That is the only thing that lasts, the only way to measure your life.  Though my child "yard" currently looks like it is only sprouting weeds, the time spent in the spring of their lives will pay off in greater growth later.  So, what does a Paddy's day celebration matter anyway?  Tonight I truly don't know.  I just hope it does.


  1. What a beautiful, magical, enchanting post! Oh, the joy of relationships strengthened and precious moments spent with those we love!

  2. It does and it doesn't. There are so many ways to bless those we love- but we still focus on them- the people- right?

  3. do it unto the least of these - you do it unto me.