Thursday, March 11, 2010

Blessing our Family

"It's time for your act of kindness honey."  She hugs, she feeds the dog.  She wanders in and out of several rooms.  She gets the vacume out  and places it on the stairs.  She turns it on and off.  She carresses the flexible tube.  She puts it in and out.  Meanwhile, Little Mother has finished her morning chore, I have cleaned my room, eaten breakfast, and dressed and groomed.  

As I put the final touches on my makeup, my little one wandered into my room for a chat.  
"Honey, I know you are amazing and strong.  You are old enough and able to bless our family."
"I don't want to.  It's taking so long."
"Hey, look at you.  You're brilliant, you're tough, you're kind.  You aren't made of straw, you are made of bricks!"  
"I'm not made of sticks either."
"No, you're not."

Eyes shut.  Face scrunched up into deep concentration.  Deep breaths in and out filled the little one's lungs as she prepared as seriously as any olympian for her ginormous task.  Satisfied that she was prepared, she marched out of the bathroom, firm in her determination to conquer the stairs.  Two minutes and five stairs later, she strode back in, resumed her seat and assumed the position.  After further meditation, her strength was fortified and she went out to finish her nemesis.  

Yes, it was quite a production for such a small job, but I am proud that she is learning coping mechanisms to help focus her will, her energy, and to force her little self to do an unpleasant task.  Lately, it seems that I could take a lesson.  Several tasks sit on my to do list, such as cancel my cable.  They sit and sit.  I wait and wait.  I need to breath in and out, summon my courage and march out to face the deeds.  Thanks for the great example Sunshine!

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  1. oh, what a big girl . . . she is growing fast and it's hard to keep up. its funny how "by small and simple things are great things brought to pass." i need to follow her example as well!