Monday, March 29, 2010

Time Off

Off track time with Little Mother is almost finished.  We've been swimming at the pool, having lots of play dates, doing several crafts, watching every Austen and period film I own, and just being together.  I don't get a lot of organizational things done during this time, but I love building relationships with my little ones.  Soccer has started and it seems that the "mamma run" is on.  Here, there, and back again.  At least I'll get a few books read via my car CDs. 

Sorry about the previous post Becky.  I was tired and just wrote key words to help me remember.  My primary presidency went to Zermott for the weekend.  We had a lot of Primary stuff to complete but we decided to make a fun time of it.  Charlotte provided the condo and in honor of our Swiss lodging provided Swiss Rockette, which is a unique version of fondue.  Lesa did all our nails.  We went to the craziest yoga class with a real yogi who made me forget my breathing as he told me to massage my slippery, soft inner organs, and made me hiccup with delight as he had me fill in my imaginary skeleton with juicy flesh.  I mainly provided my company and enjoyed everyone's greatness.  It was a wonderful time, though much much shorter than I imagined.


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  1. Maybe I ought to fight for tracks with the boys