Monday, November 23, 2009

Quiet Meditative Sundays

I fantasize about my children's recollections of the Sabbath. It goes something like this,

"Oh, remember Sundays when we used to sit and listen to soft music and recharge our spirits for the next week? Oh, yes. home was always such a calm peaceful place. We served others constantly, we wrote missionaries, we read inspirational literature and had deep talks. Those were the days."


We do manage Family council each week along with a small devotional. But, as for peace and quiet, and deep conversation,

I hear thundering as the children chase each other screaming around and around the main floor.

I see a disaster in the basement as I walk downstairs and see costumes and barbies strewn everywhere.

I hear screams of Mom, Mom, come check out my bubble sculptures.

I feel wet bubbles under my feet as I mop up inches of overflown bubbles in MY bathroom (it's funner).

I see the Real soccer US championship game flash on the TV that according to Briz, "will bring us closer as a family and be an appropriate Sabbath activity."

I listen to a concerto, just written by a 5 year old.

I watch her feet dangle from the bench in time to the music.

I pose over and over and over for a 5 year old learning to use my camera. Then I calm the same 5 year old when she sees offending finger motions pop up in her masterpiece. "It's not supposed to be a funny picture. It's supposed to be cute."

I clean the kitchen with an 8 year old who spices up the job with acrobatic stunts that don't add a lot to family cleanliness.

I put 3 little princesses to bed, each with a cuddle and a Sunday night talk. I put one giant Briz to bed with a cuddle and a Sunday night talk.

Reverence? Peace? Maybe in a few years ?

Grateful for the noise. It means we are all healthy.
Grateful for the mess. It means we are all creative.
Grateful for the game I wouldn't have chosen to watch. It means I'm learning and growing in flexibility and Sweetheart isn't currently henpecked.
Grateful for the people. They make my life.
Grateful for God. His love and care weave in and out of the noise and chaos making all GOOD.

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