Thursday, November 26, 2009


What a day! The house is quiet save the peaceful voice of Briz reading to the two eldest in the front room. They are pretty tired too.

Briz and I woke up before the sun to run in the Human Race. Almost 100% of the proceeds went to the LDS Humanitarian Services and the food bank so we felt it was a great cause. Melanie and I ran together... it was the fulfillment of a three year dream to run and finish together and one year from having a baby, she did it and did it well. We beat my last time. We raced with young men in nothing but war paint and loin cloths in 30 degree weather, young women with turkeys on their heads, and cute families with jogging strollers.

Briz and his brother Greg ran ahead of us and caught us at the end to record our moment.

Briz watched football while I prepped the turkey and rolls. I tried Alton Brown's Brined Turkey from the food network.

The man is a master in the kitchen. Oh great turkey spirit, thank you for sending this secret to us!!! I'll never go back to the turkey bag or regular roaster again!!!!!

While rolls raised and turkey cooked we went to Disney's The Christmas Carol. FANTASTIC!!!! The animation was the best I've seen, the acting was amazing, the 3-D effects made me happily dizzy, and the story was covered basically. My only complaint was that several scenes were deleted or left out that are a loved part of the story. Still, it was amazing. Warning: It was a bit scary. My kids had to hold an adult for several parts of the story. It is the scariest Christmas Carol I've seen.

The company was wonderful! It was low key and delightful! I had fun adding the touches that make dinner fun for me... molded cranberry butters, cranberry sparkle appetizer, cranberry jalapeno won tons served to the football watchers, candles and the cute pumpkins Deonne made with Circus Peanuts!

After dinner we played a great family game called Imagine It. It required no great skill, just a head for fun. I was sorry it ended. Briz had a little competition for my attention this evening. Cody kissed me no less than 32 times, tried over and over for the lips, reached down my shirt, kept me fed with Cheerios, AND he has fuzzy hair. I'm in love with this two year old!!!

All are in bed but me. I am tired, but it is a good tired. A thankful tired. A I'd do this again tired.

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