Thursday, July 1, 2010

Miss Happiness and Miss Flower

Mom success.  

I'm happy tonight.  Often my brilliant ideas fall short of expectations or are downright disastrous.  This one went just about as planned.  

Our Mother/Daughter's first Book Club book was Miss Happiness and Miss Flower.  It appears to be a children s classic that I had missed.  By the same author that wrote Holly and Ivy, Nona finds herself as she seeks to make her new dolls happy.  I love an author that knows that dolls can talk.  Anyone who's loved a doll can tell you they are quite chatty.  

Little Mother watched my preparations and as she saw the seriousness with which I treated the event, she rushed to get ready in a dress (ladies wear special clothes to this type of thing).  She even added lip gloss for that final touch.  

In honor of the Chinese dolls the girls knelt around the table then served their grown up "green tea" (mint julep), Japanese Moon Cakes, and Shumai (Crab Dumplings).  We made a summer wish and tied it around a bamboo branch in honor of the Japanese Star Festival.  (Our family will celebrate July 7).  

We even had a bit of excitement when one of the decorations caught on fire and Melanie heroically carried it outside.  I was so thrilled.  This is the stuff memories are made of.  Everyone was excited for our next Group night.  Little Mother was planning what outfit would match the theme of the book and even Ladybug joined in the excitement by chiming her approval of the book and cleverly planning to be the first one done.  So, little girls immediately started reading- with excitement.  I like that.  Homer Price is book number 2.  Any of you care to join us in our read? 

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  1. Such a perfect night. We loved it! Thank you so much for your wonderful idea and careful preparations. We can't wait to get our next book and meet again!