Sunday, July 11, 2010


In Primary today we introduced the kids to a new song we will use in our Sacrament meeting presentation.  The sound didn't work and you could barely hear it if you sat completely still.  The junior primary, aged 3-8, hushed their noisy feet and whispering voices till you could have heard a whisper from across the room.  In complete silence, they watched this clip.  When it was over, our most rambunctious little 5 year old jumped up and shouted, "Can we do it again?"  When he got a negative nod, he pled, "What about tomorrow?"

I have never seen or felt such reverence as I did today with my wild bunch of 50 children.  I knew they KNEW better than I did of what this song mentioned.  They accepted it with a full and immediate heart.  I am humbled by the greatness of their souls.



  1. What a beautiful song! Thanks for sharing it. I was over-whelmed with reverence and love for the Savior as I listen to it.

  2. wow!tons of gratitudeonal feelings for sharing this song flow from my house in ca to yours in ut!!
    i love you!! little v sends you thoughts of her and a cute head of fuzziness to snuzzle!!

  3. Wow, I love that song! We must learn it in our primary! I'll have to tell Elisabeth, she's our new music leader :)
    I love the way the atonement is explained so well in a way a child can understand.

  4. I feel like something fun and inspiring...I know... Holly's blog! Thank you. Your messages always hit the spot. Enoch is very still and Amaya silently takes in every word of the song. "Otra vez Mami." So I play it again for them.
    P.S. this is Isa, but I'm too lazy to sign out of Elisabeth's account