Thursday, July 29, 2010

Glacier Day 1

Today was our introduction as Briz calls it, "Heaven".  The trail to Hidden Lake was mostly glacier packed and I hiked it in my Tevas.  Snow packed under my feet and it was QUITE refreshing.  The Rocky Mountain Sheep hung out above us on the cliffs, but the goats wandered around us while we hiked.  We collected their shedding fur from the pine trees.  Everywhere one looked a new vista amazed and enchanted.  Briz felt that if he sat for a week and meditated, he'd be translated.

Next on the Mary Falls trail, we encountered deer, the traditional frog catching, toads, tame mice, and a complete view of Juliette's backside.  We harvested Huckleberries as we hiked feeling hunter-gatherish.  The day ended at McKenzie River Steakhouse where Deonne and I tried to decode the amazing house dressing.  A swim at the hotel pool and we are ready for our pack packing adventures tomorrow.

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  1. wow . . . can i be your child too? they have such full and amazing opportunities in their childhood!