Wednesday, July 21, 2010


When I was young, our cousins were our closest and most long lived friends.  Each Sunday was spent at Grandma's or Nana's and the cousins would gather often.  We grew up together.  The only girl cousin my age lived in Texas.  With eager anticipation, I awaited for news of their annual summer visit.  Besides countless family parties, we always got at least one sleep over where secrets were shared, trouble was caused and bonds were made.  The Texas cousins always seemed so much more worldly wise than us little country bumpkins.  I held them in a bit of admiration.  The only flaw that marred their visit was that in their presence we were relegated into second class grand kids, and nieces.  We were certain that they were the favored ones, because we all, grandparents and uncles, doted on them. 

Memories flooded back as this week, Little Mother's special cousin, Seena came to stay.  As a mother, I am frustrated with my little one's late night giggling, constant requests for special favors and activities, and desires to impress her California cousin with her worldliness.   However, I do remember.  Every moment.  They prepared for the visit with several hour long phone calls in which they discussed everything from what they wanted to be when they grew up to the current temperament of their siblings.  Seena is gone now, but I am certain, that like my cousins, she will remain an indelible part of Little Mother's childhood.

I saw and spoke with my special Texas cousin at a reunion this last weekend.  I don't know her life struggles or successes.  We lost contact a few years after she married.  I hug her.  I still see her in there.  My heart is warm with shared years, with my anticipation and my admiration. 

We exchange information and a hope that we can reconnect.  I wonder if something similar will happen to my two little cousins who swear they are twins separated at birth.     I hope their relationship will carry them through the tough things ahead.  I hope that even when they realize that they are really different that they still love each other...Cousins. 

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  1. This post warms my heart. I too share your view as described in the "cousins" entry. Grandmas' every sunday night. Sleepovers that had to be planned and "presented" with the "perfect ASK" if they could happen. Certainly looking forward to the time I could spend with the out of state cousins, and SURELY they were THE FAVORITES, clearly, which was fine, because "we always" got to see grandma...and they didnt due to distance. We absolutely positively doted. There is a special place in my heart for those memories. An untouched chapter in my book of life, that nobody other than that or (those) cousins can replace or duplicate. Its special. And I wouldnt trade those precious priceless memories for ANYTHING. My guess is, your kids wont either..... Keep up the good work....Cheers to cousins....