Monday, July 5, 2010

Celebrating July 4

"Briz, We need to celebrate the 4th."

"Go for it."

I don't think I have the energy to do much on my own this year.  Maybe I'll do something... no that sounds too complicated.  I'm in the mood to celebrate, but have someone else plan the fun.   Friday night comes and no one else has planned the fun.  I pick up the phone, dial a few friends.  Potluck Breakfast! 

The weather is perfect.  The kids celebrated with their friends.  Melanie cooks us all pancakes outside on the Coleman.  I enjoy the beautiful outdoors. 

Later on,  a little friend (one of my students, Mya) calls.  Her parents need to go visit her brother in jail.  I have determined to be a second mother to her, to give her a safe place when she needs one.  I had not planned for further celebrations, but sometimes all we need is a little push. 

Her attendance at our cookout and  fireworks makes a real celebration.  The children hung on her and she was a champ. 

We bump into friends, we dance, we chat, we celebrate, we come home late, very tired.  But it's only once a year. 

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