Sunday, August 16, 2009

When the student is ready. . .

Sometimes you are given a prompting, something that is important for you to know and work on. You begin. Then information and helps appear every where you turn, when you are least expecting it. New Age people would say "the universe is conspiring to bring you what you ask." I think that is silly. A loving Heavenly Father is working with each one of us right where we are and gives us all the tools we need as he sees we are sincere.

I started to simplify my life to find the things that are really important for me to accomplish on my short sojourn here. I am dejunking my physical and mental self in order to focus. A friend introduced my to Secrets of Simplicity. I bought it on faith and was amazed that she is on the same quest as I am. When I dropped off a load at the DI, I was drawn to a book that is AMAZING and is helping me on my journey. When looking for a recipe to surprise my husband with, I found this talk from a beautiful young mother named Rachael on a random site that should have had decoration ideas. I lay on the floor next to my computer as my husband read Harry Potter again in the next room. I was sobbing by the end. Not only was I touched by her faith, I had received more guidance. I want to share it with anyone I love that wants to invest 55 minutes in soul food. Do laundry, open another window, sort pictures while you listen but do listen to the end. You will find something for you too. I am sure.


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