Saturday, August 22, 2009

Rejoice with me! What was lost is found

Tolerations are holes in your personal success cup,
Draining away contentment and good fortune
-Thomas Leonard

Apron strings and unrolled cords peeked out from underneath the bottom cabinet to the left of the dishwasher. Three or four place mats had slid off the unmanageable untidy pile and hung next to the strings.

As usual, the untidy display caught my eye and bothered me on an almost unconscious level.

Voice: "Why don't you ever fix that overflowing shelf?"
Me: "Because I never have the time."
Voice: "You know your tolerance of that mess wastes your time, weighs you down, and gives you negative feelings about your life every time you see it.
Me: "Time, time, time."
Voice: "Sounds like you need to take the time to make this cupboard work for you so it stops talking to you each time you pass it."

I threw away a kitchen garbage bag full of place mats. The rest were filthy from young dish doers putting them away without wiping. I washed each one then laid them over the carpet to dry.

Now for the aprons. Does anyone really need 7 stained adult aprons and 10 ripped child aprons? Well some must go and the rest needed a good wash. I picked up the pile. CLING! CLING! I heard a metallic sound on the tile. I stooped down and saw two familiar gold rings.

My wedding ring and a pearl ring from my sweetheart disappeared before we moved over 4 1/2 years ago. I screamed a happy scream into the phone (sorry Elisabeth). Years of searching had not turned up the missing jewelry. Only releasing my excess blessed me with the abundance I have sought.

Obviously, it's time to bless someone else with that chef's coat!


  1. Rejoicing. rejoicing. happy noises. claps. bangs. a little dancing. I wonder. if I throw out some of my gathering piles will I get jewelry? ha!

  2. I am SOOOOOOOO happy for you! I know the missing rings have been weighing on your mind - off and on - for a long time. You even mentioned it a few weeks ago while we were camping. I'm just so happy for you. :)

  3. I am so glad that you found those rings. I have prayed about those occasionally. I just knew they had to be somewhere good.