Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oh how the great have fallen

A few tiny tree boars gnawed their way into our Purple Robe Locust last summer. I purchased the appropriate insecticide and fed it to the tree. Supposedly, it made the entire tree poisonous to insects. The boars disappeared, but left a small opening into the tree.

A few days ago, the wind whipped over our yard as it sometimes does, shredding leaves off trees, oppening gates, and dumping garbage. I heard the strangest creaking sound coming from the tree. Creak, creak, creak... it matched the wind gusts. I went inside and continued my labors. The next time I looked out, the tree was on the ground. The small hole had weakened the tree, leaving it vulnerable to the harsh attack from the wind. It was a beautiful tree and we mourn its loss.

In the meantime, the children and Pyewackit have claimed it as a hideout.


  1. o how this could be and has been used as a marvelous teaching lesson

  2. Sad! Looks like you guys have been busy and having fun! I love the back to school dinner, we're going to have to do that next week!

  3. Sad!
    Looks like you guys have had a fun few weeks!
    I love the back to school dinner idea. Libby starts Monday, we'll have to steal that one.

  4. poor tree- we will have a tree mourning party for you with a reading of the giving tree and the making of paper or something.