Monday, August 3, 2009

Secrets of Simplicity . . .

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Life is a series of journeys, that bring us closer to the life we envision for ourselves. The beginning of the school year is my "new year". I reorganize, re prioritize, and plot a continuation of my path.

My first step is to bring balance and unity between myself and my surroundings. I was inspired by this quote.

He who must travel happily must travel light.
-Antoine De Saint-Exupery

Oooooh! I believe in traveling light. Do my surroundings reflect this belief? I wandered though my home, where I spend most of my days. I noticed the piles of possessions that have been holding me prisoner. I indignantly yelled, "You will not get my time anymore! I barely have enough time for my life's purpose. I organize you and reorganize you, and pick you up, and put you away . . . you are taking time from those I love the most. I DON"T love you that much!!!! You're out of here!"

I started late at night with my closet.

I asked each item,

Do you fit?
Are you worn or torn?
Are you out of fashion?
When was the last time I wore you?
Will I wear you again?

Some items put up quite a fight. The most defiant were the oldest and most deeply entrenched, (over 14 years old). A black bikini and a beautiful dove gray suit with pearlized buttons refused to go in the give away box, even though they did not answer my questions appropriately. I finally asked myself. Why can't I get rid of these? I would die if my kids found the bikini! The suit has dust on it. A small voice defiantly answered, "I looked hot in that bikini! I was in shape back then." and "That was my favorite business suit that I wore to all my most important meetings. I was respected and important back then." I realized the crux of the matter is that I was relying on these ancient items, hidden from sight, to give myself value. As neither reflect who I am today, I knew they needed to go.

Three carloads to the D.I. in three days have left me feeling lighter, happier and ready to move on to the next defiant object. I'm a fighter!

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  1. ah ha! That's what I shall do today- if you can do it, so can I!