Monday, February 17, 2014

Will you be my Valentine?

Will you be my Valentine?

What does that mean anyway?  The teens in carpool are full of conversation.  Someone has already asked _____ to be their Valentine. Would Spencer dare ask Gracie?  He says he will.  I ask what on earth does it mean?  They don't really know.  They do some research and ask the other kids at school.  They come back and report.  It's not like a boyfriend-girlfriend thing, but it means that you are special to each other, and even better, it's short term.  It only lasts a day!

Logan (Hobbit man) has asked Ladybug to be his Valentine.  Not thrilled, but okay with it, she agrees.  He skates with her for most of the time at the school party and she feels monopolized. 

Several ask Little Mother, but before she understood the serious meaning of "Valentine ness." She laughed and said, "Right."  They turned away crestfallen.  Finally, towards the end of the school day, Dillon asks.  She accepts his affection for the day. 

I kneel in front of each child that day. "Will you be my Valentine?"  I ask.  They all accept.  I make a breakfast for my Valentines, including my fun car pool teens, Emma and Spencer. 

I send giant sugar cookies to school to enjoy and share.  I make a  picture collage for my sweetie.

We have a Valentines dinner.

Ooops.  I wasn't supposed to do much for another two weeks (post surgery).  I guess the doctor didn't know that I had to prove my love to my Valentines.  I am sad.  I can't play games or do anything else.  I crash on the sofa to the Olympics.  Three of my Valentine's crash with me. 

Sunshine confronts me at bedtime.  "You cheated.  You asked me to be your Valentine, but I heard you say Dad was your Valentine." 

"Hmmmm.  I guess I'm a four timing Mom.  Yup.  I was hoping to love on all four of you today."

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  1. what very lucky valentines you have! so nice to hear from you again. I've missed you.