Saturday, February 22, 2014

Whatever is, is right Part 2

The rest of my "vacation" became an exercise in contentment with the experiences God choose to give me.  As I rested into the circumstance, I became aware of many things. 

I was not a master at interpersonal relationships at nine, I am not now, so it's okay that these little ones learn, grow and stretch.  When Sunshine has to work through her anger at a partner who won't carry her part of the load, it's all okay. 

 Sisters all prefer someone elses sister for awhile.  They benefited from a "switch of siblings." 

Even when I lost it and threatened the all to come home, it was okay, because one of them really dug deep and learned to control her anger.  They all worked to keep each other happy after that threat. 

And I, what did I learn?  More than I can pen in a few lines. But I needed to see the areas my children needed to work on.  It was informative.  In addition, I found that I needed to be okay with imperfection.  When I relaxed and allowed the situation to be less than perfect, all four little ones relaxed as well.  They subconsciously felt my acceptance and their angst calmed. 

In the end, I suppose it didn't matter that two of them will most likely never want to see each other again.  We grew, we hiked, we dug in the sand, and we had fun.  I learned how to experience happiness even amidst imperfection and chaos.  Does a week get better than that? 

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