Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Lunch in the School Cafeteria

  1. Strep test at instacare
  2. Write 2 hours
  3. Make Menu
  4. Grocery Shop
  5. Walk/ Work out
  6. Clean Room
  7. Futsal Game

I make my list.  It will be a full day. Plus, it is early out day and  carpool will be early.   I will need to use each minute. 

As I wipe the sweat from my forehead, my phone trills in the treadmill pocket.  "Mom, will you please come have lunch with me?"  I quickly text back, "Yes."

I dress and groom a bit more carefully.  My teen is proud of me and I wouldn't want to embarrass her.  As I rearrange my schedule to stop at Wendy's before my lunch date, I think of my husband's admonitions.  "She thinks you will drop whatever you are doing for her at any time.  Don't you know what she's doing?" 

I wait at the office.  The bell rings and students stream past in navy and tan uniformity.  A red shirt signifying student council catches my eye.  A hug.  A huge "to do" so everyone sees us together.  Introductions to everyone that passes.  I am sick and need to sit down but we make it to the lunch room. 

We gather a large crowd.  All the students that know me come up to get a hug and show their peers that someone knows and appreciates them.  Even some popular 8th graders join us.  I hand out the treats.  They share all around.  My little one is particularly loud and hyper, drawing attention to herself.  I know what she is doing.  "Look at me.  Someone loves me enough to bring me special treats." 

An 8th grade friend hugs me.  "Little Mother, you're so lucky.  My mom would never come.  And you brought a shake?" 

I blearily drive to Instacare, smiling.  I know what she's doing.  What's more, I know what I am doing.  I know that she only calls when she is feeling a bit lost and unimportant, when she needs a boost to her day.  My friends told me she'd stop wanting me once she hit jr. high, so I jumped at the chance to be with her.  I jumped at the chance to say, "Yes, I WILL drop anything to spend your 18 minute lunch hour with you."  If you need a pick me up, attention from your friends, or just the basic security that your mom brings.  I will give it. 

Perhaps our lunch dates are limited.  Perhaps not.  Either way, Nick, someone loves you enough to put their own needs and plans on hold.  I hope that this love will steer you to trust that your heavenly parents will always there when I am not.  That you will know love and be able to give it freely.  

8.  Parent Teacher Conference
9.  Dinner with Ed and Eleanor
10. Sunshine's Playdate
11. Bills
12.  Schedule Ladybug's summer camps
13.  Laundry

Briz comes home.  "Mom came to lunch today!"  She exclaimed, then rushed to explain to avoid a lecture.  I held my breath as well.  "Mom loves it.  She likes to meet my friends and be with me."  I smile.  Yes, I do for many reasons. 

The day is over.  My bedroom is not clean and the bills are not finished.  But my pre-teen, she knows.  It's been a productive day. 

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