Sunday, February 27, 2011

What do you want to accomplish?

Every time my parents visit us or we visit them, they offer the same question, "What do you want to accomplish with this visit?"  That has always struck me as an odd question.  Do I really get to pick what is accomplished?  Being a good hostess is making sure that what you want to accomplish happens.  So,  20 years of visits have gone by without me choosing to accomplish anything.  

They are leaving for 18 months... not reachable by phone at my whim, not available for summer or Easter visits.  My little people, especially my two oldest will be completely changed by their return.  This emboldens me to ask, "would it be too much trouble to paint with my little ones?" 

First Nana teaches them how to plan a painting, to get several ideas, then pick your favorite.  Then they sketched on their canvas, then covered the canvas in a white base coat.  

When the base dried, they focused on their artistic endeavors for the next hour.  The girls took my pillows as inspiration and my mom said, "This is how I see my daughter."  It is beautiful to be seen and portrayed by loving hands.  

I was so proud of my four girls (mom included), I hung their beautiful art above my sofa.  If you come to our house, sooner than later, you will be pulled to view the great art by small hands.  They are pleased with themselves and can't believe I hung up their work.  

True, at one time in my life I wouldn't have.  But that was before I loved my children.  That means I love every little squiggle and plan that comes out of their heads.  I love all my mom's art work, but this one is a visual love letter I can look at each day. 
Mission Accomplished!

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  1. What a fun thing. My world is on a different focus right now, we worked on scouting.