Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday Adventures

Bedrooms were vacuumed, garbage cans emptied, game closet straightened, bathrooms scoured.  Little ones did well today.  Snow fell and fell.  Light soft flakes, from sunrise till noon.  It was time for an adventure.  I don't like snow, but I love childlike excitement.

Sled races

Orchestrated Crashes

Rolling the biggest snowball in the world down the hill

Shrieks of laughter

Wet hair

Frozen pants under snow bibs


 I am sad that my oldest chose not to come.  I just bought her a new sled... $2.00 clearance at Walmart.  Not that I wasted soooo much money.  But I am disappointed that we cannot all do the same things together.  For a moment I stew about teenagers turning snotty, wishing for nothing but computer games, i pods, and their telephone.  Do they have to all be that way?   

I realize that as she changes at a rapid pace, I must change with her.  Yet, I still have influence, as long as I have a relationship.  Surely there are other things to interest a teen that are more wholesome. 

Stacy comes to visit.  They talk about walking the mall.  Can we come up with anything better?  Yes, we can.  They don my aprons, tidy the kitchen, position the camera just right, play soft background music and film their own cooking show. 

I sit out of view to motion frantically when they try to put a metal bowl in the microwave, or when 1 stick of butter is thought to be 1 pound.  Proudly they serve their fruit salad at dinner and their cookies to those who eat all their food.  They watch their movies with delight.  This is the funnest time we've had in a long time, they agreed. 

Okay.  Momming teenagers takes as much if not more effort than my little ones, now, I just must mommy on two different levels.  Adjustments are good.  I guess I was getting stale. 

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  1. Your oldest reminds me a little of my older sister when it came to playing and having fun outside in the snow.