Monday, February 28, 2011

It's a boy NOT a space lamb

Oh, man, oh man, oh man, oh man.

The phone just rang.  Little Mother shut herself in her room and started to jabber.  She had it on speaker phone.  The voice sounded funny.  "Who is it honey?"  I asked.  "It's Treyson!"  she answered with that excited sparkle in her voice.  "Oh.  All right then."  I reply casually.  After all, he is one of my students. "He wants to know if I like him or Sam better." she explains. 

Uh Hmmm.  We are 9 years of age.  This is a phone call from a BOY!!!!  My tummy turned a bit.  I reached down and gobbled a handful of Cadbury Mini Eggs I have sworn off.  Nervous food you know.  Should I listen?  How long should it go on?  Will this happen again?  What is my life turning into????? AHHHHHH!!! Did I mention NINE and that the called party's nickname is Gurgi due to her messy habits of hair in her eyes and smearing her munchings and crunchings from ear to ear? 

She is happily chatting upstairs, unaware that she has just crossed a family milestone and launched me into a new space.  In the car today, she told me that Sam and Treyson (close friends) are getting in fights at school over who liked her first.  A few weeks ago, one was disciplined for trying to make the other cry by telling her of his affections.  
Thank heavens, Sunshine is swooping and launching Space Lamb.  I get lambs with their heads stuck in canning jars, tutus and wiggliness.  But HOLY COW, I'll be talking with my girlfriends who have paved the path before.  I'll be calling you soon!  Maybe tonight... But first I have to sneak back upstairs and hear what they are saying.

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