Friday, October 22, 2010

My Birthday

The morning of my birthday started bright and early as I worked to continue the 6 cakes promised for Emily's wedding.  There is a pumpkin cider, a lemon custard, and chocolate pistachio, a coconut icebox, a pineapple lime, and a peppermint angel food.  I dusted off the flour to make it to the temple ceremony and witnessed two sweet and very innocent young people commit their eternities together.  I made it back just in time to put everyone in their places and begin the rehearsal for the primary church program.  It ended and we loaded everyone into the car with the cakes and drove an hour away for the reception.  I helped in the kitchen, then came out and danced and chatted and celebrated with my dear friends.  We returned home past the children's bedtime, and I am so tired, I want nothing more than sleep.  Sadly, all the cakes return home with me.  They never even made it out of the kitchen to the cake table.  I have told myself philosophically, that it is a good sign on my birthday that I am still needed in this world.  But now I am so tired that I bitterly feel that like the cakes, no one wants what I offer anyway.  I cry myself to sleep.  There are days like this. 

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