Sunday, October 3, 2010

Halloween Preparations

Due to the hustle and bustle of everyday life, I was scrooging holidays.  Too tired to decorate, too tired for my normal fuss and bustle we all live for around here.  But, Briz took Ladybug and Sunshine to fix fences and listen to conference down south for the weekend leaving Little Mother and I.

My weekend partner had plans, witnessed by her planner.  So, the weekend was spent with my 9 year old buddy.  We went to movies, out to dinner, garage sales, painted out nails, visited friends, painted her dresser, listened to all of conference together, and decorated for Halloween.

Her excitement for everything was contagious.  Some of the decorating is off center or in less than perfect positioning, but she did much of it herself.  I think it means even more that way.  Nothing will convince her that we have not just had the premier weekend of our lives.  I am so grateful to be able give her undivided attention for 3 short days.

The adventurers just arrived home.  With wonder on their sleepy faces, they tour the house.  "I remember that witch!  That skeleton scared me!"  But the most exciting find is the new Halloween Tree Advent calender I made with Jodi, tempting the innocent with promises of sweets, pencils, or stickers. 

Friends, I think this mom is back in business.


  1. I just wish i could copy the crafty part of your brain and paste it into mine! So cute. I am headed to SLC in a few days and though i am much older than Lady Bug and Sunshine, it will really make me happy to see the decorations up at my mom's house that bring back so many memories. Hope to see you!

  2. Happy to see your update! I think we all wish we could copy and paste the inside of your brain into ours..Rach is NOT the only one who thinks that!!

  3. hey, me too - I could use some brain copiage. My measly few crows and one pumpkin are making me happier. wish i couldve joined you for the hunter gathering.