Sunday, June 20, 2010

School's Always in session

Bright and early Saturday morning the girls and I dressed for their first race.  We've been practicing.  We started with a half mile and each day, I told them they just had to run a little further than the day before.  Each child responded so differently.  Ladybug ran a few yards then gave up angry because her legs hurt.  Little Mother sped along for a lap, then walked a lap, then ran ahead for a lap, then walked... anything to win.  Five year old Sunshine held my hand and gave it her all.  She studied her form, and consisently outran her sisters in heart and ability.    They each progressed as the weeks went by and I wondered how they would do on the actual race.

Little Mother was humiliated to have everyone watching her and refused to start the race running.  Sunshine ran a few yards then, seeing only the length of the course, cried, begged to stop, and ended up being dragged along sobbing by her mean Mother.

(Her mean mother knew she could do it and needed to see for herself).

Ladybug began solid, continued solid, raced like a champ and gave it overall, the best run.  As I thought, each child felt so pleased and proud of themselves for finishing the mile they forgot their earlier hicups.

There is something wonderful about a small town parade.  The flags fly, the politicians wave and shake hands, the 4-H horses poop in the middle of the road, the community floats float by, the lovely girls wave, the kids throw candy... and best of all, my  little one gets the opportunity to feel like a celebrity. 

She marches, kicks, and punches.  We scream her name and give her a cheer.  She looks a little embarassed, but wouldn't she miss us if we didn't?

Ladybug used the dragging time before the parade started to sell mint brownies.  There are so many expenses in the summer.  She understands this and wants to out the best she can.  She volenteered to earn as much as she could to take herself to Girls Camp this summer.  So, she walked up and down the parade route, basket in hand, offering her wares.   

I couldn't have done that.  Not now, not then.  What courage, what bravery.  She cleared $10 from the brownies.  Initially, I planned on keeping some for supplies.  After watching, I decided she can have all my labor and supplies for free, her own part looked so difficult. 

Summer is still a time for learning, a time for growing... for the adventurous heart, school is always in session.


  1. what a fabulous school! isnt it just a little - i dont know the word - fun maybe to see how different people act and respond in different ways and yet they are all wonderful ways despite being different. i love the way you teach your girls in every day things all the time - every day is a school day! sucks for them. i hated school - but how wonderful!

  2. Way to go! Looks like it was a great (and educational) day!