Sunday, June 6, 2010

His Eye is on the sparrow (or robin)

I wanted to tell you.  But, like a mother with repeat miscarriages, I hate announcing all our failed rescue attempts.  

Rocky has now been a member of the family for 14 days.  He has gone from bald, blind, and pink, to a plump furry feathery little squawky thing.  

Ladybug found him stuck in a mud puddle with no nest in sight.   "Honey, he most likely won't last the night.  A few days at this stage would be a miracle." He couldn't have been more than a few hours old.  "But I can't leave him to die.  Don't we have to TRY?  Don't we at least do our best?"

She is right.  She instinctively knows that this ugly helpless thing is known and has value to its creator.  I know this too.  Thus, Rocky gets a heat lamp and a steady diet of chopped worms, strawberries, and blueberries every 20 minutes.

Asperger's Syndrome is such a funny label.  I am repeatedly reminded that this label, like most, is unable to properly catalog the contents of a human soul.  In studies I have read, none of the female participants married or had the opportunity to mother.  Mothering seems so removed from the "severe male" tendencies of Aspies.  Supposedly, they are unable to see from another's viewpoint, unable to empathize, and from experience... quite irresponsible.  How could one with this package of traits care for a completely dependent life?

Eve was given the name "Mother of all Living" before she ever gave birth.  Her nature was "Mother".  Ladybug may have a label, but inside, she too carries the birthright of "Mother".  

She called her teacher and arranged to take her new baby to school so every 20 minutes, she could feed and clean up the constant poop.  Miss Beth showed me the bird's corner.  

It appeared that my little one's mothering instinct was alive and well and that the bird had fallen in good hands. Rocky has traveled with us on vacation, been to a sleepover, and several graduation parties.

After a week, his little eyes oppened.  It is now safe to at least give the little guy a name.  We decided on Rocky, because he is such a fighter... he wants so much to live.  

Our yard once teemed with worm life.  Now, after countless hours of pillaging, it offers slim pickings.  We have gone through 2 purchases of night crawlers, all earned by the dedicated Ladybug mommy.  Rocky has grown feathers in the last 2 days and is so much more attractive.  He flaps his little wings when distressed and likes nothing more than to cuddle up in my or Ladybug's hand.
God's eyes were on this little bird as it fell.  His eyes are on my little fledgling as she struggles to fly  too.  And yes, through watching the two together, I know his eye is on me as well.  Each day, I learn more about love, responsibility, and mothering from my Ladybug.  Better, I SEE her more clearly and have HOPE for our future, hers and mine.  


  1. That is such an amazing story! I can't wait to see what this wild bird will be like as he grows. Ladybug too!

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  3. There is a special and amazing spirit in that daughter of yours. Well done!

  4. I hear softened cat food is good baby Robin food, if you run out of money for chopped worms.

  5. I saw the baby bird at just a few days old. I thought there was no way it would survive. Then yesterday I saw "Ladybug" holding a fist full of feathers hungry for a worm. Amazing! What a beautiful lesson in love.