Friday, June 24, 2011

Princess Festival

Hundreds of miniature princesses self consciously trotted through the gates with their mommies in tow into a magical land.  College aged princes and princesses swarmed the garden.  As each passed, they looked at each small one.  "Good day princess Sunshine"  they said as they doffed their hats or curtsied.  "Every girl is a princess even if they don't know it.  Huh Mom. "

The prince from Snow White invited us to watch as they enacted their adventure.  Sunshine watched open mouthed as Snow White teaches her step mother that beauty is more than mirror deep.

We move on to meet other princesses, other adventures.  Sunshine writes letters to servicemen as Princesses are appreciative.

She ties quilts for orphans in Hati because princesses take care of others.  She makes hair bows for children in foster care.

Cinderella asked if any of the little princesses in attendance could teach her how to tidy up so she could go to the ball.  Sunshine answered stong int he affirmative.  When the stepmother asked if she knew who the beautiful maiden was that the prince was dancing with, she told her and mentioned that she should not be so rude.

The $30 entrance fee went fully into water and wells for Africa.  My princess was enchanted.

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