Sunday, June 26, 2011


I didn't know I was dry in my brain. I thought I still had miles to go. Miles of care, therapy, and structure to offer my people. But Jodi asked me last minute to join her at her house in Idaho for a little R&R with my girls. I can get Ladybug out of school! We can go! The younger two can feel like they have a summer that is not just Ladybug therapy. 

Ooops.   Ladybug cannot go.  Do I stay home?  I HATE to have a vacation without her.  But I decide that her behavior cannot punish the rest of us.  Three girls join six other girls to fill the small house in Paris with giggles, nail polish, and fun.  

Life slowed down enough for me to hear my brain.  Without thinking of how to therapy each moment, my mental and emotional joints loosened and I laughed... really laughed.  

Volleyball.  Darling if you Love me... Smile.... Bear Lake.   Round and round on the merry go round.  Morning and Evening Walks.  Crafts.  Movies.  Night Terrors.   Late night talk therapy.  Sunburns.  Mosquitoes.  Ice Cream.  Montpelier Library.  Good Times.  The best of times.  Summer memories

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  1. I can hear you laugh- I hope your brain remoisturizer.