Friday, May 6, 2011

Tangled Party

Friday Sunshine had a Tangled Un-Birthday Party.  Yes, this mom promised a birthday party 6 months ago, but got sick, and uh well yeah... we just got to it.  

Banners flew for the Festival of the Lanterns

We had to roll a huge dice and follow the path to get to the Festival.  

On the way, we stopped and had a bite... pizza, lemon creme filled strawberries, cream cheese brownies, and cookies.

 When we arrived, we learned a ribbon dance.

Then we each made a wish and let our own "lanterns go up into the sky."

The witch caught us and we couldn't see to get our way back home.  We were blindfolded with our hair and had to find our way.

Then all princess left with goody bags and place mats.  

Small investment, brought a lot of joy to Sunshine. 


  1. wonderful idea! blindfolds of hair . . . I love how you create such happiness in your girls!

  2. Every little girl wants to be a princess at least once. What a fun idea for a little girl's birthday party.