Saturday, May 7, 2011

Brain Therapy

 Saturdays are tough.  We have jobs to do and its NOT fun.  Ladybug is on the final days to behaviorally earn her trip to Catalina island.  I knew at the last minute she will try to sabotage herself by thinking she doesn't deserve to go.  Sure enough.  Morning was tough... really tough.  She earned an additional 4 jobs from her dad and I couldn't settle her down.  We sat meditated with calming oils, spa music, and prayer.  Finally she was ready to tackle the day.  I want her to succeed.  I need to help her get out of that dark place she is in.  She worked for an hour, and the other two had worked for several when I called, "Break Time!"  We met on the front porch.

"On Guard!"  I threw cans of pink, purple, and green silly string and I started to spray them yellow.  "Hit me with your best Shot!"  I sang as I ran and darted behind a tree.  Five minutes later, the freshly cut lawn, Briz's back, and Sunshine's hair was covered with our festivities.  With laughter, we all went back to our chores.  Bug is back in the front of her brain where thinking, reasoning, and laughter occur.  She's going to make it! 

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  1. that would make anyone get into the right spot for the day!! you are a FABULOUS mom!!