Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Stations

Today our 20 minute stations:

1.  Interview and goal setting session with Dad (All kids have the same issue.  They all think we love the others more.)

2.  Look through or read scripture books (Everyone's least favorite.  They wanted to move after 15 minutes)

3.  Write letters to loved ones far away (Each child picked someone different. (I hope their mom is on the ball enough to mail them all.)

4.  Listen to a story from the friend, memorize articles of faith or play prophets matching game at  

Wow all the new computer applications on this program are amazing.  I had to tear the kids off this one.  

Next week some of the stations will be different.  

I finish the bread while Dad takes Little Mother on a walk for some one on one.  

We finish the day with a fine performance of Marin and Little Robin.  

The scenery...

The fire ( a flashlight is planted inside)

The touching scene showing sisterly love

 In which all is well before Red Robin is kidnapped and Marin must search the mountains with 12 dwarfs to find her. 

 Sunday is almost over.  Its time for some planning and healing time with my sweetie.  Night!


  1. my sunday stations can only be five minutes long- if that! It looks like you are living in paradise.

  2. can I come to your house on sandays?