Thursday, March 24, 2011

Stress Busters

Things at our house can get kind of intense sometimes.  We have a schedule to keep, brain gym, exercise, homework, chores, chauffeuring, scripture study, meal preparation... you know... the list.  On top of which loving consequences must be maintained for lack of respect, and poor choices.  

To balance out the serious and mundane nature of life, craziness occasionally must rule.  A new favorite for most in the the castle, is squirt whipped cream mustaches.  Cackling like a demented witch, I chase them around the house  with my cream cannon aimed and ready for 5-10 minutes till I catch and "cream" them.  These three embraced the chase.  However, Little Mother cried.  After I apologized, I was allowed to give her careful artistic facial cream. 


  1. We all need some kind of a release. You have come up with a very sweet one!

  2. so is this one of those loving consequences? that's a lil yukky if that's squirty cream atop the bald ones head . . .

  3. don't get me wrong . . . you guys are a silly bunch and have tons of flavor in that castle of yours! and Iwouldn't mind a squirty creme 'stache! I need to remember all you've done with yours so I can try them out on mine . . .