Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I'm Bored!

"I'm Bored!" 

The whine reaches my left ear as read languidly.  I smile, a slow dangerous smile.  The offending one looks a little nervous.  "Only boring people get bored."  I reply my pat answer for such rubbish. 

"What can I do?  And DON'T say clean something again."

Though normally these are fighting words, I've been waiting, longing for these words. Why?  Because I want to spend a certain type of time with my kids, and I want it to be their idea. 

Take down the Christmas Tree
Scour the toilet
Write Thank You notes
Make bananna bread?
Learn a new skill?
Would any of these work for you?

The day together flies by.

We feed the birds.

They learn to chain stitch

To mend their own clothes

To make a pillow case

Bored kids make good moms.  I hope they get bored tomorrow.  Maybe they'll learn Latin?  


  1. what a fabulous goal for tomorrow - have bored kids . . . really. i get what you say - bored kids make good moms. i hope to have my own bored kids, but then again i dont feel im a good enough mom to find stuff for them to do . . .hopefully ill get better as they come alongf

  2. got a latin text for you. It's an unused, very "nice idea" still. I bet you can't see what I see in your wordsmithing skills scince this began. Way skilled. Way better. Way Good. Post idea: how your christmas reading went?
    Happy New Year.