Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Power of Guilt

Too much guilt weighs me down, immobilizes me, and places me in a dark place.  However, I am a proponant of guilt in moderation.   I find my guilt benefits those I love.  When I go out for an evening with a friend or indulge in a small bit of spending, my small bit of guilt moves me to superhuman efforts for my husband and kids. The house is never so clean and I am never so kind as when I have indulged just a bit. 

Guilt stuck our house again... in a positive way, to my way of thinking!

After the "very bad day", I woke in the middle of the night for a drink.  A sign was placed on the fridge. 

Curiosity moved me to Ladybug's bedroom, where I found several sign ups for her free cleaning service. 

In the morning two apron bedecked entrapreneurs set up shop outside my bedroom.  Not to be outdone, they had their own cleaning forms ready. 

Happily, I engaged both companies.  Meekly, yet creatively they took out the garbage, changed sheets, and wiped mirrors.  Little Mother told me that the apron made her work better.  As an apron fanatic, I had to agree.  There is something about an apron that tells your mind it's time to work. 

I did wonder after today, what horrible things I would have to endure to get another wonderful cleaning day out of my children. 

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