Monday, August 2, 2010

Ben Rover

Nestled along a branch of the flathead river, the Ben Rover cabin is a quaint quiet retreat from the world and it’s hustle and bustle.   

Equipped with an outhouse , an outdoor pump for water, propane lanterns, and no television or electricity, we were forcibly led to follow the patterns of nature and focus on people instead of manmade items without the ability to reciprocate our attention.  Lazily, here, we finished our vacation with Greg, Deonne, Alex, Josh, Cody, and Megan.  We planned no more hikes, sightseeing, or adventures, just those silence and peace could offer. 

You’d think that the kids would go stir crazy.  Yet, we saw less of them here than the rest of the trip.  Each team of children took a turn at warming the water and hand washing our dishes.  They eagerly volunteered to work the hand pump outside for our many water needs.  They fished together and with their fathers.  They found a mud hole and spent hours creating a spa of sorts.   

Here, Alex was given a mud bath, but squishing mud between your toes with a special chant was the special entry code so I did not partake.   

They built mud wells and chimneys, swimming holes, and secret enclosures.   

They played Go Fish, War, Apples to Apples, Checkers, Truth or Dare and made up their own secret handshake type thing.   With a dollar each, they rode bikes to the Polebridge Mercantile, purchased their treats then engaged in an elaborate sharing scheme.    

We only called them in once when a bear was spotted some 50 yards from the cabin.  Briz and his brother fished and fished.  Briz particularly took time for his little Sunshine and among games of “baby” and “bear cub” helped her with her rock collection which contained a hot dog rock, a cheese rock, and other beautiful specimens. 

I read.  I napped.  I wandered to the Polebridge Mercantile.   

I pondered.  I questioned Deonne endlessly to know her better and learn what I could from her.  Such luxury.  We ended our 10 day vacation, well rested, and well loved. 

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