Monday, March 10, 2014

For the Foot Undies!

Futsal is fun to watch. It is faster and smarter than soccer.  Little Mother has made a few goals, but not consistently in her new occasional position as forward.  It was frustrating to watch her get within field goal range and watch the other team take it away.  It takes courage and confidence to take the shot. Briz and I lectured (we called it teaching), and yelled from the sidelines.  But nothing materially changed. 

So it was the final game of the season.  How to get her to try more often, to risk, so she can see success?  All three of the kids must buy everything but their underwear these days... long story, but our attempt to keep them from entitlement.  "Is there anything you are really desperate for?"  I asked.  "I've got to have foot undies by Friday for our dance competitions."  She replied. 

"How are you for money?" 

"I've only got $5.00 and they are $15.  I'm going to be in such trouble." 

"I've got $5.00 for each goal you make tonight."

"What about a really cool move?"

"Nope.  Only a goal will do.  Remember you'll need to take a lot of shots to get one.  Maybe even 10 to get one in the goal."

She's on fire that girl.  She charges, she swivels, she takes away. And each time she gets the ball I scream from the sidelines, "FOR THE FOOT UNDIES!"  How often does a parent get to say something like that?  It works.  She boots it in.  The game continues.  I continue my happy chant and enjoy the strange looks from the other parents.  She gets the ball, looks at me and I call her remembrance to the foot undies and in it goes again.  Foot Undies achieved, but really confidence achieved. I knew she could do it, she just had to take the shots. 

Choir concert one half hour after the game.  We are all lagging from the busy schedule.  I promise her friends.  Doughnuts for all, just do your best.  After a superb concert, we gather outside to the envy of all passers by for grasshopper, salted caramel mocha, raspberry mango and blueberry doughnuts.  I don't always have money for rewards... treats.... spoiling my kids.  But I did today.  And it was such a small thing for large happiness.

I wonder how often I dribble the ball outside the goal and my Heavenly Father is yelling, "Take the Shot!"  But I wait for the perfect opportunity, so afraid to mess up.  Other times, I am so tired I don't want to do what is best for me.  But he is so patient and devises rewards for even the smallest effort to give me courage to try again.

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  1. That is too funny. I need to find my motivational foot undies.