Friday, August 19, 2011

My Father's House

Everyone longs to go home... when sick or tired or even just happy and wanting to share.  They want to be rocked, cared for, and just loved.

I remember when my Nana died, my mother was devastated.  I know there were many reasons for this, but one of them was that she was not ready to give up going home to visit- not ready to give up knowing that although she cared for small ones, in that home, she was cared for herself.  She was child.  Oh, it is so good to be a loved child.

I had a free day today.  I decided to go home... to visit my father's house.  Ahhh.  I was greeted with love.  I belonged.  I was cleansed... its so nice to feel clean.   I was given a special strength formula.  It's so good to have energy.   I was given gift after amazing gift, so many, so much that tears streamed down my face and were wiped by loving hands.   With all these gifts, I was given one more... to be the gift for someone else.  To be the gift is more vital for human happiness then to receive the gift.

I enjoy my visit so much.  I can't believe the generosity, the love of my parents.  And to think, they are so lavish, so extravagant in their love.  If I go tomorrow, there's MORE!!!!  I leave their home with a huge smile on my face and a bounce in my step.  Steps run behind me.  I turn.  Waist high, blond and curly, she quickly hands my a package and races back to her mother sitting at the fountain.

Cookies!  All this and cookies too.  Going home is great!  I chuckle as I start my hot car and head out away from home to do the "Stuff." 


  1. Love the perspective of going to our Father's home!! So happy to picture you bouncing away! I know exactly what you mean!