Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Nightmare Begins

Planning, grocery shopping, marshaling the forces to gather sand toys, clothing, repellent, sleeping bags, and the other paraphernalia required for a multiple stop weekend.

Briz has his faithful trip anxiety.  "We're ready!!!  Can we go yet?"  I finish loading the last eco-friendly grocery bag with boiled eggs.

We arrive at our destination and at the last moment, switch plans. With time to use, we stop at Blue Pond Spring.  The smell is RIGHT.  I suppose it is because it is part of the Cache National Forest, which is, as everyone knows, the standard for the perfect mountain experience.  Mosquitoes swarm... which is not part of the perfect experience.  Sunshine has brought one hiking boot of her own, and one belonging to Little Mother, both right feet.  We search for her bag... Oooops, not here.  Briz blames six year old Sunshine.... She blames him.  she will now camp, swim, sleep and celebrate for three days in the same grubby T shirt, too large jean shorts, and two right hiking boots, one three sizes too big.

Briz stomps ahead with Little Mother and disappears leaving me to hike the crumbling face of the mountain in slippery high heeled flip flops.  I hang on to unstable Sunshine and the therapy needing Ladybug.  We find Locust casings clinging to the grass, and watch the spring burble up below us.  Soon the path disappears and we stomp through the underbrush to find our way back.

I hear panicked screaming ahead.  It is my Little Mother.  Headless of my position, I race toward the little girl, stuck in a sink puddle with no Briz in sight.  A bust of pain slashes through my calves.  I look down to see I have raced through a stinging nettle patch, leading my littlest right behind.

As we drive to Minnatonka Cave, I chant over and over in my head that kindness begins with me and that Christianity really shows itself when tried, but it's a tough sell.  My answers to my vacationing family are short, yet stranger-like sweet as I try to keep from SCREAMING obscenities.  "My legs are fizzing!"  Sunshine remarks.  "I know honey."  Boy did I know.  "I want to go home now."  Ladybug whines.

I am in a nightmare with gorgeous scenery.  I think I'll write a horror story called "Family Vacation to Bear Lake."

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